SRE Commitments

Comexposium Engagement

Each year, Comexposium dedicates time and energy to voluntary projects aligned within its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Our current projects are:


The Emmaüs association was founded by Abbé Pierre in 1949 following his encounter with Georges, an ex-convict. It now has 120 communities in France, all driven by the same values:
• An unconditional welcome for anyone who comes to the door of a community, regardless of their origins or history.

• Solidarity, where the strong and the weak join forces to put people back on their feet who no longer have the strength to help themselves. So that they can help others in turn.

• Work: the Emmaüs movement helps the poorest in society to get back on their feet at their own pace, performing an activity that is worthwhile, supportive and focused on others.

Each year, Comexposium employees use their event skills to help the organisation of a non-profit tradeshow to benefit Emmaüs

In 2017, the 18th edition of the event hosted 14,000 visitors and raised €455,000. 


Challenge contre la Faim 

Action against hunger is an international NGO founded in 1979 that fights hunger in the world. Malnutrition is still responsible for the deaths of 3.1 million children every year. AAH aims to save lives by eliminating hunger by preventing, detecting and treating malnutrition, particularly during and after humanitarian emergencies. AAH operated in 47 countries in 2014, helping 13.6 million people.

The Race Against Hunger by supporting a sports project that benefits Action Against Hunger, we are helping to raise awareness among a greater number of people and to raise money so that they can help those in need.

Comexposium employees participate in the Hunger Challenge activities in La Défense each June 

106 employees took up this mad challenge for the 11th edition and €22,070 was raised for Action against hunger to help finance full care for 3,755 children with severe acute malnutrition.


Founded in 2009 by Pierre-Emmanuel Grange and Olivier Cueille, microDon is a non-profit start-up, ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale) and certified B-Corp charity. microDon provides innovative and varied solutions for companies to be engaged in sustainability activities throughout the year. Comexposium is working with microDon to provide an opportunity for employee contribution matching to select charities. 

Comexposium employees can select to have their donations go to either:

- L’Association française des Victimes du Terrorisme (AfVT) – a charity that provides assistance to victims and families of terrosim 

- Le rire médecin – a non-profit organisation that seeks to bring laughter, joy, and play to pediatric hospitals throughout France

Results: Each month more and more employees sign up to contribute to these worthy charities.