Innovation - June 2016

" Snapchat, it's for the teenagers! ", " short-lived messages, what is the point? " In the end, what is Snapchat?


It is a mobile application created in 2011 for sharing photos, videos, drawings, and messages, and all of the content sent is only available temporarily. The sender decides on the lifetime of the content (as long as the receiver does not save it).

Since 2014, this application has had a chat and video conversation feature.

A brief guide of Snapchat (in French)


Update of May, 2016

  • 150 million active users each day, according to Bloomberg (June 2016)
  • 110 million active users each day, including 50 million in the USA, 35 million in Europe, and 26 million in the rest of the world (50% growth over one year), according to TechCrunch
  • Users spend an average of 30 minutes per day on Snapchat
  • Users are 65% women and 35% men, according to Business Insider
  • 71% of Snapchat users are under 25
  • 41% of Americans ages 18-34 use Snapchat each day, according to the company’s CEO
  • Snapchat is valued at 16 billion dollars


What about  SNAPCHAT for brands?

To use Snapchat wisely, instead of sending advertisements, send news, content, or even a product spotlight with a possibility of purchase (via the Discovery option).

Brands use Snapchat to make spontaneous clips, backstage videos (about product production, making of, launches, etc.), and short series to add an off-the-wall tone to product stories in industries not always considered to be ‘fun’.

Plusieurs cas clients (américains) montrent que les marques osent et tentent pour trouver le bon ton, le bon angle. Les utilisateurs quant à eux, veulent voir des choses nouvelles tous les jours donc le terrain de jeu est grand.
Plus que de longs discours, consultez le slidshare « tout comprendre sur Snapchat pour les marques » et les études de cas avec des marques françaises.

Several (American) client cases show that brands must be daring and try new things to find the right tone and angle. As for users, they want to see new things every day, so the playing field is wide.

Rather than listening to a long lecture, take a look at this slide show on understanding Snapchat for brands.

You can also look at these French case studies.

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