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[INTERVIEW] The internationa mobility @Comexposium

The international mobility: Dan Elder Global Chief Digital Officer, iMedia, ad:tech & MMS (Australia)

In what context did you integrate the group Comexposium in Paris France, and did you find it complicated?

After a day in Monaco experiencing the hugely successful E-Commerce 1-2-1 event, I headed up to Paris to meet a number of divisions and verticals across the Comexposium group. In ‘discovery’ mode at the moment, I found it fascinating discussing the similarities, and common challenges faced across different events in vastly different spaces. 

I’m just beginning to learn French and am currently at a very basic level – I was slightly worried this may have made meeting and integrating with the French office difficult – however it was quite the opposite! Everyone I met welcomed me with open arms, and I had several passionate conversations about rugby – something both the Kiwis and French love. 

What do you like most about your new life in Paris?

The people, the language, the food, the wine, the sport, and the location – what’s not to love? Both my partner Brigid and myself are looking forward to exploring Paris and the French countryside, whilst immersing ourselves in the rich history, culture and cuisine. It will also be great to see Daniel Carter play for Racing Metro 92 just down the road from the Comexposium offices :)

What are your new missions, and how can your particular background bring interesting dynamics to worldwide event developments?

Over the past several years I have been constantly exposed to brilliant marketing case-studies, new technologies and great ideas, all from the speakers at our own digital marketing conferences. However, I was surprised to see a lot of the ‘best practice’ in digital marketing being talked about was not being followed and there was serious room for improvement in systems, processes, tools and technologies.

Initially within the Australia office I very quickly identified small changes to our workflow across Marketing, Sales and Content activities that would dramatically increase efficiency in our day to day tasks. Then, even once improved, I’ve always been looking at small ‘growth hacks’ to make these processes even faster and cheaper, all whilst increasing the quality of the experience for the delegate. This is the ultimate ‘win-win’.

My mission is therefore to create an efficient marketing technology eco-system, toolkit and processes that allow us to create and maintain a consistent brand and user experience for all event participants, whether visitors, exhibitors or speakers.

Our digital marketing events promote best practice in marketing technology, so we should be striving to continually innovate and improve our event experiences, right through the journey; pre-, during- and post-event. Creating an awesome toolkit of scalable resources will stop individual offices having to ‘reinvent the wheel’, save resources and allow us all to focus more on the event product itself – the people and the content – rather than the systems behind it.

Once we get our High Tech events up to a consistent and global standard, the next step is using these learnings across all verticals within the Comexposium group, and leveraging these tools and technical eco-systems across all events – from Agriculture to Security to Fashion. Then, continuing to innovate and adapt as new technologies emerge.

In a world of increasing digitisation, I believe the event space is one of the most exciting spaces to be in – connecting people with people. So even as we continue to make our digital experiences more efficient, it’s ultimately the goal of bringing people together that makes our industry one of the best to be a part of. I look forward to this journey and creating truly exciting experiences across all Comexposium events throughout the world.

What is your favourite French dish? And what Australian dish would you highly recommend?

EVERYTHING. The quality of food in France is unparalleled. Pastries. Cheeses. Deserts. All matched with beautiful wines.

As a New Zealander living in Australia for the last six years, and therefore a big “fush and chups” (fish and chips) fan, it’s pretty hard to beat Australian seafood in any shape or form. Barramundi (fish), prawns, scallops, mmmmm. Probably my favourite is these weird little shellfish called 'Morton Bay Bugs' – it’s like a mini-lobster – usually served on top of a beef steak – beautiful. Kangaroo is quite nice too… 

Daniel Elder Global Chief Digital Officer, iMedia, ad:tech & MMS (on Twitter @DanMacMan)

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