Be Inspired - February 2016

This month, we present to you two 2016 trends, on content and social networks on an international scale. The figures are inspirational!

2016 trends: content

Whether through opportunities for targeting, personalised prospection, or other means, brands constantly need to reinvent themselves.

On the graphics by ZENCONTENT we can find out about figures, essential steps to take, and the techniques to use to succeed.

2016 trends: 50 numbers that help us understand the current influences and measure the evolution of social networks.

First of all, the following numbers speak for themselves: out of the 7.357 billion people on the planet, there are 3.715 billion Internet users (50.5%). Of these internet users, 2.206 billion use social networks every month (59.38%). 1.925 billion are active on mobile phones (87.26%).

In this article, you will find analyses of the different social networks and a world map of social media usage by VINCOS

In GB: this article on 2015 social media statistics allows us to better predict 2016 trends.


The 10 most popular social networks in the world:

  1. 1.55 billion: Facebook
  2. 668 million: Tencent QZone
  3. 400 million: Instagram
  4. 307 million: Twitter
  5. 300 million: Baidu Tieba
  6. 300 million: Google+
  7. 230 million: Tumblr
  8. 176 million: Sina Weibo
  9. 100 million: LinkedIn
  10. 100 million: Pinterest

Thanks to Guillaume Gaborit, Director of Marketing & Development, Comexposium France for these sources