Hotspot - February 2016

This month, this section focuses on cheese and dairy products. As an organiser of the biennial exhibitions featuring enthusiasts in the sector, optimistic players, and more, what are the ways to showcase equally imaginative artisanal products and promote them?

Isabelle, how long has this book existed?

It is the first time we are putting it together! The exhibition takes place every two years, and we noticed that it was an occasion for new trends to emerge. We took on the challenge to create a cheese and dairy products trend book in the manner of fashion trend books.

A particular event showed us we were on the right track: the Fromage Fashion Week, which took place in September 2015 at the same time as the Fashion Week. (

How did you create it, and with whom?

We created it in collaboration with our press officer, who has been in charge of the exhibition since 2012 and is very familiar with the gastronomy sector.
We interviewed the exhibitors and asked them about their flagship products and new products.

We obtained a list of over 100 different products!
The president and founder of this exhibition, Alain Dubois, along with the members of the jury (a group of 9 professionals: cheese and cream traders, restaurant owners, food critic, blogger) then validated the different categories of trends we labelled (for example, Authenticity Reaffirmed, Thirst for Essentials).

How did you promote it?

We organised a press conference during which we presented this trend book as well as the recipients of the “Coups de Coeur” awards. The press conference was followed by a tasting session of these products.

The “Coups de Coeur” are featured at the entrance of the exhibition, under a refrigerated cheese dome, so that each visitor may identify them and find the exhibitors using the booth numbers near the products.

During the exhibition, a tray of cheeses and dairy products belonging to the 4 trend categories will be put on display in the press area (2 products per trend). This gives high visibility!

Visitors will also receive e-mails about the trends and new products shortly afterwards.

The exhibition features a myriad of initiatives. What is the Lyre d’Or competition?

It is a competition in which the employees of cheese retailers participate. This year, there will be 12.

They must present a cheese platter on a given theme and a jury will give grades according to different criteria including preparation, hygiene, and presentation. The public will also express its opinion through the “People’s Choice Award.”

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Lyre recipients will be announced on Monday, 28 February at 5 pm.

Can you remind us the key figures of the exhibition?

It is an international BtoB event (23% international exhibitors and 20% foreign visitors).

We are expecting 190 exhibitors and over 6,300 visiting professionals (cheese retailers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, cheese maturers, and restaurant owners).
The exhibition will take place over 4 days, on 28-29 February and 1-2 March in hall 8.
The trend book can be found here.
It promises to be a mouth-watering read for all cheese and dairy product lovers!

Thanks to Isabelle Fabre, Communications Manager - Cheese and Dairy Products Exhibition.