Innovation - February 2016

2 more retail-oriented innovations, but which could make their appearance in exhibitions one day...

Tulip Retail, a tablet application for vendors

Tulip Retail gives vendors access to a complete catalogue of information (product info, availability, customer feedback) and to customers’ history, wish list, loyalty card, etc.
Vendors can offer customers to finalise a transaction and give them the option to pick up the product at their store or another store. The tablet also enables payment by bank card. In addition, the same platform can send text messages and e-mails, to tell a customer about the arrival of a new product they may like, for example. It can even help customers build an entire look!

Irisys, an infrared queue management solution

Irisys specialises in counting visitors in stores, supermarkets, and malls. Its infrared sensors pick up visitors’ body heat as they enter and keep track of them to follow them and avoid counting the same person twice (they also preserve anonymity). Moreover, sensors in front of queues at checkout count the number of people in a queue. Using this information, Irisys can predict how many checkout lanes should be opened (or closed) in order to match the variations in the flow of customers. It can tell you that in 8 minutes, 12 lanes will be needed, and in 30 minutes 9 will suffice.


The Journal du net news source gives more examples here - Hub Institute published its own analysis