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#socialmedia: overview and features of LinkdIn for beginners and future beginners.

With 400 million users, LinkedIn has become the definitive online professional network. Last year, LinkedIn launched several new features, including a new application and re-mastered feature called 'Who's viewed your profile'.


Lorena, can you give us a quick overview of this network and its features?

Yes, let's start with the purpose of this social network, which people often wrongly believe is just a recruitment tool.  It has 4 other advantages:

1-      It's a great tool for forming new contacts

LinkedIn simplifies the process of interacting with potential clients, suppliers, service providers, interns... By consulting a member's profile, you get access to information that will make it easier for you to get in contact and have conversations with them.

2-      A timeless address book

Gone are the days of incorrect email addresses! You only need the name and surname of your contact, so you are guaranteed to be able to keep in contact with them in the long-term.

3-      A real wealth of information

Thanks to your network, you can keep up to date with your contact's latest news, and consequently, the latest updates in your sector of business. It basically facilitates your monitoring of the sector.

4-      A content broadcaster

Publish the latest updates from your events, calls for tender, job vacancies...
Make the most of this networks' viral nature to broadcast your content to your qualified target community.

For those who have not yet set up a profile, why don't you give it a try?

Visit to set up an account. Please be reminded that this is a social network for professionals: you must use your real identity and be careful what you publish and do not lie about your career/current job position.

The best way of using LinkedIn is to make sure your profile is attractive, relevant and professional. The more complete your profile, the more visible and credible you'll appear.
It is worth noting that the 'Summary' section is indexed by the LinkedIn search engine. So try and use relevant key words.

Here are a few extra tips:

Give your profile a personalised URL

  • The process is simple, start by clicking on the cogwheel.
  • Then click on Create your personalised URL
  • Finish by entering your URL.

Boost your profile

Add specific projects, professional or otherwise. They may include a range of activities such as membership to an association, or involvement in a special event (charity, humanitarian, etc.).

Boost your profile with media content to illustrate your experience and emphasise your skills. E.g.: videos, photos, slideshare presentations, studies...

Integrating your websites, blogs and Twitter account are also good ways of increasing your visibility.

You can also create your profile in several languages by clicking on 'See my profile in...".

Add your skills

You can add your skills to your profile. Tip: try and use English terms that are commonly used and searched.  You can then have your contacts endorse your skills and you can do the same for them by visiting their profile.

Join discussion groups

You can discuss topics with global experts in your field within LinkedIn groups. In order to find interesting groups, just use the search function at the top right under the Groups option.

And if you want to take it a bit further?

Aside from the official LinkedIn mobile application, the company has also created some specialised apps, including:

  • LinkedIn Pulse is an application that enables you to organise your news feed by giving you access to content put on line by the biggest professional publishers and influencers. You can also broadcast your own content and a notification will be sent to your contacts for every article you have 'pulsed'.
  • LinkedIn Connected enables you to quickly exchange your details with other users on your platform. This application is a great replacement for the traditional exchange of business cards, especially during events.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an application dedicated to sales persons as it allows them to search through contacts and prospective clients directly through their mobile.
  • gives you access to courses given by experts for the acquisition of new skills. You can download the courses for use offline.
  • Slideshare gives you access, in PowerPoint form, to relevant content in your sector of business. You can also give your own content greater visibility.

As you may have gathered, there are a multitude of good reasons for seriously considering LinkedIn as a way of showcasing your expertise, enhancing your professional monitoring and networking effectively! 

Thank you Lorena Rondi, Community Manager, Corporate Communitation  @LorenaRondi

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