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L'Observatoire ALL4PACK ou comment affirmer par du contenu en inter session?

In 2016, the EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION exhibitions will become ALL4PACK Paris; an exhibition that will take place every two years. How is it possible, during the intersession, to talk about the exhibition, demonstrate one's expertise and be the subsidiary's '#theplacetobe'?


Aurélie, how did the Observatory come about and how does it work?

In 2005, the Observatory was created by the International EMBALLAGE exhibition. There was no such thing (and still isn't) as a barometer, or way of providing insight into the packaging sector, which is one of the key sectors of the French economy. 

The Observatory is based on the results of an annual survey carried out among market players (packaging user and purchasing industries, packaging manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and distributors of packaging machines and equipment).

Over the years, the questionnaire has been simplified to meet the expectations and needs of the market, in connection with the sector's economic and regulatory updates.

The Observatory has become an insight for manufacturers into the main challenges faced by our national sector, and a tool for anticipating changes in the world of packaging.

How are these results used?

This survey has been carried out by the firm “Goudlink”, who has supported us for many years. The detailed results are then analysed by our own consultant, an international packaging expert, who identifies the biggest trends and sheds light on the main distinguishable salient facts.

We then organise (for the last 3 years) a round-table discussion and press conference where journalists are able to see the results first-hand. We invite members of the exhibition's Pack Experts Committee*, who provide their opinion and practical insight.

A dedicated e-newsletter is sent to all our exhibitors, prospective clients and visitors.

Our foreign agents relay the summary of results to the foreign press and to international exhibitors, who we inform of the investment plans and 'health' of the French market.

Every year, this Observatory enables the exhibition to communicate in intersession. As such, it offers a forward-thinking and high added-value perspective on the packaging sector and creates various connections between industrialists in the sector.

*professionals in the packaging and intra-logistic sector, from international groups, among which are the most prominent in their sector (food, health, hygiene-beauty, distribution, industrial goods...), as well as ECO-PACKAGING.

Precisely, explain to us how you have managed it?

In 2015, we celebrated the Observatory's 10th anniversary!

In addition, in line with the development of the EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION exhibitions, which have now changed their name to ALL4PACK Paris, the Observatory has become ALL4PACK Observatory.

Through the use of several infographics, we hope to emphasise this name change and anniversary.

We used the survey + analysis + press conference model, with a particular focus on the analysis of results of the Show's 10 years in running. This analysis was presented via 4 infographics, which clearly showed the main trends that had punctuated the first decade of packaging shows, and it also helped visualise the prospects on the horizon for 2016-2018.

("10 years-10 key words ", "how do brands meet the end customer's expectations? ", "2016-2018; the packaging industry professionals will demonstrate their optimism", "88% of buyers will be innovative in 2016-2018! ”.

A format that enables a wide dissemination and appreciation on social networks by the mainstream media (especially the business press we are aiming at) and by journalists in general.

Our partner 'Emballages Magazine' (Packaging Magazine), who we provided with the results under embargo before the press conference, benefited from this as they put the results into perspective with those from their annual packaging Top 500. This is great coverage, provided the study emphasises positivism!

The main coverage (December 2015 press conference)?

Press coverage has already been organised to feature articles and background information in the trade press and business press.

Thank you Aurélie Jouve, ALL4PACK Communications Manager 

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