Innovation - January 2016

Trends, forecasts, do a don't. 2016 will be ambitious!

Trends of 2016: several industry-specific articles have been published since December 2015 regarding, but not limited to, the future of retail, marketing and digital. Let's compare both points of view on trends (technological or otherwise).


What trends have been observed by the generation born between 1980 and 2000: the Millenials?

TECHNOLOGIES - more real than virtual

Technology is evolving fast, but ultimately doesn't affect the daily lives of consumers all that much. Conversely, more vintage brands (with original and authentic values) have seen real success.
In order to grow, technology should distance consumers from screens and telephones and offer RR (real reality).

MEDIA – stop interrupting us!

The media tries to be everywhere, at all times, to the point where it becomes a nuisance. This is clearly demonstrated by the success of adblockers. Consumers don't mind being seduced, but don't want to be bothered or interrupted while watching, analysing or reading something. They have mentioned forms of intrusion such as search ads, social networks and paid media.

BRANDING – Quality without lying

There is a growing demand for brands that build on social values. Volkswagen, among others has paid the heavy price for not being honest. In 2016, we will see more exposed hypocrisy as brands are being forced to build their image around transparency.

CONTENT/CREATIVITY - what's in it for me?

An observation was made in 2015: Brands that use brand content were more successful.
Consumers are aware of the value of their attraction to a brand and are becoming increasingly demanding. If there is no benefit to them, they will not be enticed by offers. And they use various channels: vlogs, blogs, newsletters and news feeds on social networks, etc.
In summary, Millenials are attracted by real substance, values and depth, which requires, technology, media strategies, branding and creativity. A great framework for brands!

Another, more business-oriented vision created by experts at CapGemini

Cognito ergo sum (apps will show their human side): it's time for cognitive technology!
Meet the IOT Tech Triad: IT, OT and IoT will become a Connected Service eXperience (CSX)
No Keyboard: 2016 will see a change in the way we interact with systems and data.
My future is in the data: brands will start using data collection as their other source of revenue.

This is where we're seeing this notion of reality and more humanised aspects. Want to find out more? It's here.

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