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A 'Service Area' is being set up in Foire de Paris.

A 'Services Area' is being set up in Foire de Paris. Céline, why this approach?

It is important for us to increase visitor satisfaction because it encourages customer loyalty!  We want to make sure visitors are happy so that they come back to and recommend FOIRE DE PARIS. We believe that visitors can be partially won over if we offer them a range of services that simplify their visit! For this edition, we have therefore decided to increase the services dimension by boosting our existing services such as home delivery, personal shoppers and a child day-care centre, as well as introducing new ones.

As such, we took a closer look at the visitor experience and tried to identify ways of making them come more often and stay for longer: by watching them in the walkways, we put ourselves in their position: how is it going to be possible to buy a sewing machine when you already have a Thermonix in one bag and decorating accessories in another? What is a customer hoping for after walking 8 kilometres? What if they can't come to FOIRE DE PARIS because they couldn't get childcare that day...

In short, you analysed the in-store customer experience?

Yes, we decided to create a dedicated area that brought all these services together: by visiting the Service Area located in Hall 5.2 (park entrance), the visitor can discover the range of services available before entering the Show. We are constantly trying to improve the visitor experience so that people can get around, peruse and buy.

In order to put together this range of services, other than observing visitor behaviour in the walkways, we used a study carried out in 2011 among 'non-visitors' (which helped us identify the main reasons why people didn't visit) so that we could offer solutions that improved their experience and therefore (we hope) remove some of the excuses not to visit.


What services are being proposed?

  • Child day-care centre: this centre doesn't just provide day care, it holds activities all day long and has a baby-changing area. This is a paid service.
  • Concierge service 
  • Cloakroom (paid)
  • Personalised consultations. I'll give you two examples: mediators (to settle any possible disputes between visitors and exhibitors) and the home advice service which allows customers to organise a free meeting with an architect (we have a partnership with the 'Ordre Des Architectes') or a designer if you have a decorative/restoration project. As for the latter, we have also created an online platform, which anyone can use to book a timeslot!
  • Visitors may also use chairs and electric sockets in the resting area
  • There will be a press kiosk giving away free magazines, which we have formed partnerships with.
  • And more importantly, our new 'hands-free shopping' service to facilitate people's visits and encourage them to buy products without worrying about their size. A dedicated, free service will be set up to allow visitors to shop hands-free!

Visitors have 3 options: leave their purchases as an order and collect them later in the day, leave them as an order and pick them up in their car (driving element) or have them delivered to their house (paid service - Paris and inner suburban periphery).


I'm sure visitors will appreciate all these extra services!

Thank you Céline Glineur, Communications Manager (find her on Twitter @babelou0420).

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