Be inspired - Juin 2016

A 360° interactive visit. Booths filled with exhibitors’ products. From SIAL Innovation to the World Tour, from La Cuisine to SIALTV, discover the trade show as though you were there.

The SIAL Paris communications team launched a call for bids in spring 2014 to find an innovative concept in video format for the 2016 visitor advertisement.

After several weeks of searching, Blackblitz, a new agency from Strasbourg, was selected and set off through the aisles of the October 2014 trade show to take 360° videos and photos.

A real team effort followed during summer 2015 between the SIAL and Blackblitz #teams to explore technical possibilities and adjust functional specifications and web design as they went along. They created infographics to enrich the 360° video content.

In spring 2016, one web platform, nine panorama photo spheres, ten infographics, and 11 videos later, the project went online and now can be viewed from mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets.


Note: Blackblitz has been commissioned for the 2018 event to capitalize on all the work already accomplished and to optimize the user experience, especially since advanced analytics have recently been implemented.

We are pushing the experience to the limit, with the 2016 video report to be done entirely in 360°, allowing a potential exhibitor, visitor, or even press conference to be immersed in the heart of SIAL.