Be Inspired - March 2016

This month, we introduce another practical idea - ask experts on your editorial committee to determine industry trends with you then ask your visitors their opinion on these subjects via a survey.

What is the background, Ingrid?

E-Commerce One-to-One* is an established feature of France’s e-commerce landscape and a not-to-be-missed event for decision-makers in the industry. They note the dates from one year to the next in their diaries and they arrive with high expectations. Like all visitors, who these days have little time for attending trade fairs, they are overburdened and want to optimise the use of their time.

Their requirements are clear: they cannot miss out on any current trends, tomorrow’s start-ups or any innovation that competitors are already using.

Practical feedback and reports are therefore required, and future topics must be addressed, to provide inspiration in a perpetually changing industry where technology never stands still.  

What is the purpose of the editorial committee?

The editorial committee helps us to fully understand the key issues of the day and industry developments, so as to be in step with our visitors’ requirements.
Retailers of all sizes are represented, business founders, marketing, e-commerce and logistics directors, journalists and investors. We need to build an interesting panel of key and undisputed industry experts.

They determine the important subjects to be addressed for each year’s event, and also help us select the exhibitors in attendance each year, the start-ups we should approach to bring innovation to the event. In terms of image, they are a measure of quality for all our leads, whether speakers, customers or visitors. 

We bring them together for a day to decide on the subjects to be discussed during plenary sessions (one in the morning, the other in the evening).
This does not prevent sponsored plenary sessions being held, quite the opposite (four of our six plenary sessions are sponsored). We had 8 requests escalated to the committee this year, we selected those that we felt were most relevant. This feedback loop ensures we follow market trends as closely as possible.

How did you make best use of these experts?

Last year, they were asked to give interviews on the blog on 2-3 questions and to join a round table from a perspective of experts exchanging views.

This year, we went further, and decided to produce a monitoring panel based on current trends (as pinpointed by the editorial committee) and then ask our visitors about these trends.

The survey results showed the priority and progress of these issues for the whole industry, and they enable us to have a say and position ourselves as both observers and experts.

Two significant areas of communication:

  • videos have been produced with members of the editorial committee, released by our media partners and published in newsletters, on the blog and on social networks. They are used by the press agency to negotiate slots on TV panels for our editorial committee members, invited to talk about the event.
  • a press release, in the form of a trend report. Issued one month after the event, it enables us to report on the media’s response to the event in the specialist press (LSA, Journal du Net, Presse Citron, etc..), and to negotiate articles with mass media such as BFM, Les Echos and AFP.

What have been the results?

A Top 6 of investments deemed important by our visitors, which all service providers might find useful!

Excellence in customer service


The mobile purchasing experience


Building customer centric financial metrics


Developing a “mobile first” strategy


Innovation in loyalty schemes


Developing brand content


Top 10 investments in progress, completed or planned during 2016:

* Ecommerce One to One est un rendez-vous d’affaires qui réunit pour sa 6e édition du 23 au 25 mars prochains à Monaco, 1200 participants, des partenaires offreurs de solutions et des invités (PDG, directions marketing et e-commerce) de retailers marques et distributeurs.


Merci à Ingrid FILLON, Directrice des RDV d’affaires E-Commerce One to One (suivez-la sur @IngridFillon)