Hotspot - March 2016

Ad:tech India - more than an event... it’s a connector

Ad :tech New Delhi it’s not 1, not 2  but 4 opportunities to network! Why did you create this challenge?

Networking is one of the key reasons why people attend events.  Events like ad:tech, are occasions when the industry comes together under one roof and meeting new, existing clients, business partners is something everyone looks forward to.

We also strongly feel that our role is that of a platform that connects brands, agencies, solution providers and enables new business

At ad:tech New Delhi 2016  we had multiple opportunities for networking:

  • Networking APP – The app was solely focused on networking and let people find who else were attending and fix meetings. We’ had great response with almost 80% of our delegates logging in and thousands of meeting requests set-up using the app. 
  • VIP Reception - This was an exclusive gathering of VIP guests including our speakers, sponsors, partners and CXOs (CMO, CEO, CDO i.e) of leading companies from the industry. The reception was held on eve of the show and gave them an exclusive opportunity to meet before the madness of the event.
  • Networking Garden – We built this at the terrace and was a place where one could meet up for casual conversations …right under the sun
  • Networking Party (we call it Networking Bash) - after a long day at the exhibition and conference, we felt the bash was a best way to let our attendees let their hair down and was a great way to bond

I note that each place is different every day: why did you select these places and how did you think the organization?

We don’t see events as just conference and expo. This year we allowed our sponsors and partners to create events-within-our event, whether it was a conference session, a demonstration or just plain gathering. This worked really well for us in making ad:tech more attractive to our attendees and multiple events-within-the event also gave everyone more reasons to spend more time at the show and more choices.  This year the action started a day before, where we had VIP reception and multiple sponsored sessions

Could you tell us how many people did confirm to each?

ad :tech 2016 saw a 50% increase over last year and more than 6500 people attended over 2 days. ad:tech in India has become a truly global event and the participation was not just from the digital marketing community in India, but from over 31 counties including Israel, China, Norway, Poland, Russia , US, UK and Japan.

You had sponsors: how was the organization to provide both the visibility to sponsors and networking to all attendees?

We had more than 26 different sponsorship opportunities at the event. These sponsorships were built to cater to the clients’ objectives which usually fall in to - content, engagement or brand visibility.  To give an example, Outbrain wanted our attendees experience their content discovery platform, so we integrated their widget on our website and allowed all sponsors to use the widget to distribute their case studies, news articles etc. Another example is Guvera, the leading online music streaming service from Australia, who partnered with us and used our networking Bash and evening parties to build their connect at the show with anything music.

Also someone our clients did not want a booth at the exhibition, but still wanted to be involved / visible and meet up with their partners/clients at the show. We got them to sponsor the Networking garden and built the space where they could hold their meetings, entertain their clients – all in a company branded environment.

Will you do it again?

ad:tech has been in India for last 6 years and continues to grow year on year. The 2017 edition is being planned for March 2017 and should be a bigger and better show

Thank you to Jaswant Singh, General Manager at Comexposium India

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