Lifestyle - March 2016

Focus on the International Agricultural Show, featuring #CERISE the cow (the mascot for the 2016 show) and digital technology

As the press has said, this is not the first time livestock has taken pride of place, but it is the first time the mascot has formed the core of the digital communications used.

Was this slightly, if we may say so, mad idea produced in-house or by an agency?

We actually followed our usual process: we asked the agencies and artistic directors with whom we are in regular contact for their ideas. The creative brief is very restricted for the IAS, because every message has to include the photo and we need a teaser + a reveal. One of the agencies suggested a photo that was fairly average, with just #Cerise (the cow’s name, Cherry) as the lead-in and another idea with a blurred image and text. The ideas of the # and blurred photo both grabbed our attention, and it was us who decided to combine them in one visual. The next stage was to build a visually balanced poster, where “#CERISE” would play the role of lead-in and brand image at the same time, as we had decided not to show our logo or the name of the show.

What is your quantified assessment of this quirky digital communication?

As you have certainly seen and read, our pre-show promotion featured this hashtag. In fact, from mid-December, we used the teaser by circulating links to watch short videos recorded as the photo shoot took place, as clues to who or what Cerise was.... Naturally, during the show, we released messages several times a day.

We had a total of 6,452 Twitter followers, up 40%! There were 10,860 tweets with #Cerise, including 7,300 re-tweets, whereas the #Filouse hashtag last year got just 45 mentions. Lastly, the show's hashtag of #SIA2016 was tweeted 104,060 times in total, compared with 3,742 for #SIA2015 in 2015.

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Our thanks to Valérie Le Roy, head of communications for the International Agriculture Show