Trend Topics - March 2016

Innovations of the month

Hound virtual assistant: Say it, Get it!

Hound is able to cross-reference various databases to deal with extremely complex requests in record time.

One video shows the virtual assistant indicating nearby cafés on Google Maps, with Wi-Fi, that are open after 9.00 p.m. on Sundays, or hotels in San Francisco with rooms available for the next two nights costing $200-300, that take pets and have a pool and gym.  

Faces as passwords, and cars as payment terminals?

At the latest Mobile World Congress, MasterCard officially launched its system of “payment by selfie” - see the video at

Another new combination is that of cars and payments. Visa unveiled an application concept (in partnership with Honda) that it says can be built into the car’s connectivity interface.

Video-conferencing made easy is marketing a free solution, innovative in being truly simple to use. If you install on your smartphone or tablet, you can start a video-conference for up to eight people, who do not need to install anything at all on their own computers. You create a meeting room by assigning it a name of your choosing, you send the link to the attendees, and they can access the room directly from Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Neither the organiser nor the attendees need to identify themselves.

For Apple:

For Android: 

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