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Be Inspired - May 2016

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Did you know? As part of our CSR approach, Comexposium has made several commitments that benefit exhibitors, visitors and our employees.


Which of these commitments have to do with eco-responsibility? And how are they being implemented?

  •  An environmentally friendly approach that each team must implement effectively when designing their communication materials (paper size, colour blocks, content optimisation and formatting, distribution volumes, etc.) and when using them (no/few plastic components added, two-sided printing, considering content obsolescence, adapting the size and paper to the life expectancy of the document, etc.),
  •  An initiative for paper purchases: Comexposium is a member of ECOFOLIO, meaning that we responsibly manage paper purchased by the Facilities Management department
  •  An awareness-raising campaign about conserving energy and paper. Have you seen the stickers featuring 10 habits you should adopt? Have you read them?
  •  Configure printers so that colour printing is not the default setting
  •  A CANIBAL unit in the break room: have fun while you recycle plastic and cans on your beak (win prizes or free drinks)
  •  Double bins in the offices for recycling used paper.
  •  A policy maximizing the digitisation of documents (quotes, invoices and purchase orders) and communications materials
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