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3 initiatives to see the world differently

Find all your photos

You can use the Sunday app to organise all those photos you have tucked away in various corners of the Internet. After you download the app, just log in into your various accounts: Gmail, Picasa, Facebook, Dropbox – and soon WhatsApp. 
Sunday will then find all the photos that you have shared with your friends. 

A connected bracelet that teaches you to code

Jewelbots is a connected bracelet designed to introduce girls to the joys of programming while wearing some fun jewellery. The bracelet is enabled for open-source programming using the Arduino interface. And groups of friends can communicate using their own secret language based on colour codes. Video:

Creative types, to your Moleskines!

SmartWriting Set: this kit includes a "paper tablet" notebook, a "pen+" and an app. As you draw on the pages of your Moleskine notebook, your work will appear in real time on your smartphone. It can also be used to digitise your notes as you take them.

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