Be Inspired - November 2016

What will the digital marketing trends for 2017 be?

Optimising conversion rates

Conversion rates are often linked to user experience on a website, which Google place the utmost importance on for ranking. For example, Google now gives websites with pop-up ads lower ratings. A site's ranking significantly impacts conversion rate optimisation.

‘Darwinian’ advertising

This trend is based in using AI algorithms in digital advertising.

To stand out from the crowd in 2017, companies will have to optimise all creative aspects of their sites (colours, fonts, etc.) to attract consumers.

Optimising cross-device marketing

Companies will need to use consumer demographics data and the customer journey to optimise the consumer experience, based on the location, time of day and the consumer’s device.

Content marketing

An infinite amount of content is posted each day, from simple tweets to YouTube videos and articles on new sites. The aim of content marketing is not to reach everyone, everywhere. The aim is to identify the target audience, understand their preferred ways of consuming, and where they are. This information is used to generate adapted content to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right information.

Livestream videos

46% of videos are watched on mobile phones.

The introduction of Facebook Live and Periscope opened the floodgates for videos on these platforms. Regardless of the type of company, service provider, or trader, live video streaming captures and creates new audiences looking for information and solutions.

Marketing automation

Today, automated systems categorise customers based on certain criteria into messaging categories adapted to their specific needs. The message is also tailored as if it were addressed to them directly.


Snapchat has now been monetised, meaning that marketers can target their audiences by telling short stories featuring their products and services. 

Mobile marketing

Using our phones, we can already quickly order taxis, look up flights and buy plane tickets, find hotels and reserve tables at restaurants, wherever we are. Mobile marketing looks set to be more than promising in 2017.