Lifestyle - November 2016

DID YOU KNOW? The IT Department works for you and with you!

They work across a range of disciplines, often in the background. This month, rather than attending an exhibition, we learnt about a division. Interview with Patrice Mouton, Head of the IT Department, and Pierre Sorel, IT Infrastructures Manager..

1 – Rollout of Office 365 in France and abroad

At the moment you’re familiar with the 365 email service, but other 365 solutions will soon be rolled out too:

  • Skype for Business® for easy, flexible communications without using email (for discussions, short conversations, etc.)
  • Collaborative working groups for users working in project groups. All involved share a document location so several people can work on the same document at the same time. Other features include a notepad, a task planning tool, a Yammer (the company’s social network) instant messenger box, and an Outlook calendar shared by the group.

Patrice, who uses Office 365?

Our employees in the US, India, Australia and the UK, and shortly Finaki France.

This means you can now easily contact your employees abroad by email (

NB: Using Office 365 means that your name will appear in mailing lists, which you can also use. Say, for example, you want to write to all employees in India. You can do this by using D.LOC.IN.NEWDELHI. Or, if you want to write to all employees in Australia, you can use D.LOC.AU.SYDNEY.

2 – Videoconferences

Currently, there are:

  • Two rooms set up in Wilson (the boardroom and room B918)
  • One room in Aubagne
  • One location in the USA

Another will soon be available in another room on the ninth floor.

Pierre, what is the purpose of videoconferences?

It means you can have a meeting with several people regardless of location (audio, video, or audiovisual), knowing that participants can attend the meeting needing only an Internet connection and a browser. The system is also compatible with other videoconference systems.

You can also run a presentation during the meeting, so everyone can discuss it together.

Other projects are currently being tested. Some are for management and others are tools created to foster flexibility, discussions, sharing and collaboration.

Thank you!