Lifestyle - October 2016

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The new “No...” trend for brands. 

Have you heard of the “No...” trend? 

Brands are now prominently displaying lists of what their products do not contain.

It’s a movement that started in San Francisco, the birthplace of several revolutions and new social models and the first city in the world to commit to producing “zero waste”.

“No toxics” products have been around for some time, for example products that have “no parabens”, “no GMOs” or “no palm oil”.

Now, the focus has shifted to nutrition (“no gluten”, “no milk”, “no hydrogenated fat”).

In Europe and especially in France, “no” is synonymous with being deprived of something or having something taken away.  The trend from California embodies a “positive no”, with the emphasis on the idea of taking back control of what is good and healthy, etc. Maybe the “old continent” should think about adopting this new way of looking at it...

A few images to inspire you:

A trend to use in communications with humour for our events?