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Paris, June 4th 2020 - An open letter from Renaud Hamaide, President of Comexposium

This isn’t the year we had planned. At the beginning of 2020, we’d announced two new JV partnerships, and our first events to run, Retromobile, IMCAS, and Wine Paris, all had strong editions.

Then COVID-19, and the subsequent lockdowns around the world, changed the outlook for events. Around the world, things were put on pause, and businesses everywhere faced uncertainty.

As a result, our teams adapted. They found ways to innovate, to connect their communities, to collaborate with each other, and to adapt to the situation we were facing. They made more content available on their sites, hosted online events, ran podcasts, and went live on social media, all while continuing to plan for the next face-to-face events. They proved themselves up to the challenge of the uncertainty and complexity of the situation.

Now, as we are easing out of lockdowns around the world, we are eager to start organising live events again. In Asia, the first Comexposium events to welcome people back to business will begin in June, with Europe and the Americas following after. I firmly believe that live events, people meeting and connecting face-to-face, are critical to driving economic recovery. It is these interactions that will rejuvenate individual businesses and entire industries.

However, the unique situation we are living forces us to adapt our shows. We must rethink the preparations for our events and take into account new practical considerations for restarting. We are working in close collaboration with the appropriate authorities, as well as cities, venues, our suppliers and partners, and industry associations, to ensure the proper health and safety guidelines are in place for all our events. We will welcome exhibitors and visitors under the best possible conditions.

During this pause in our face-to-face events, we have realised a need to make changes. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we must strengthen hybrid formats by mixing more physical events and online platforms. Beyond responding to the constraints of COVID-19, this hybridization allows an increase in the personnalisation of the interactions. Within communities it will amplify, and create more bespoke, experiences both offline and online simultaneously.

So, no, it’s not the year we had planned, but we are confident in the importance of face-to-face, and that events will still be used as they’ve always been, for people to come together, to share, to discover, to connect, and to do business. Today, with the tech and digital capabilities available, we’re able to do that face-to-face and online, extending and amplifying the experiences and connections of the community with a more and more sustainable approach.

At Comexposium, we are dedicated to creating the connections and business opportunities our communities need to get back on track, and we are ready to welcome you to our future events.


Renaud Hamaide
President of Comexposium

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