Logistics job description

Investigate - Advise - Win loyalty 


The Logistics team undertake logistical preparation, completion and coordination of the events they are responsible for. 

Areas of intervention:

Logistics and technical

The Logistics and Safety team project manages any activities it subcontracts and is responsible for.

It is involved in the overall development of a trade fair in line with the needs and objectives defined in relation to both exhibitors and visitors. It takes into account technical and budgetary logistical constraints by securing the best balance between quality, price and time frames for the required services.

It is also proactive, using technological and logistical monitoring to anticipate requirements, and providing innovations and developments with high added value within its field of expertise.


The Logistics and Safety Division deals with the regulations governing trade fairs in respect of labour laws, fire safety and events security.


The Image Department promotes the individual image of the trade fairs and provides consultancy on trade fair architecture, signage, layout of exhibition areas, activities at the events, and management of flows.

The team brings its expertise to any project in keeping with the quality of Comexposium’s image.

Design Division

The Design Division turns requirements for the implantable surfaces needed to operate a trade show into concrete plans, in accordance with the Exhibition Centres’ and halls’ own constraints.

It ensures compliance with the security rules in the halls for appropriate management of visitor and exhibitor flows.

Candidate Profile 

Logistics staff in the organisation have strong planning skills, a keen interest in working on-site, and fluent language skills in English and/or another foreign language.

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