10 reasons to join us

 Why join the Comexposium Group? The answer in 10 points!


An international group

The Group operates in 26 countries: a global presence that guarantees opportunities for mobility and multicultural interaction throughout your career.


A leading position

Comexposium operates in 11 sectors. Its ambition is to make every event the leader in its sector. This is the driving force that motivates all our employees to go the extra mile and reinvent themselves to maintain this position year after year.


A culture of interculturality

With staff of many different nationalities working side by side, at least 30 foreign languages are spoken and understood in your working environment.


Mobility options

HR policy offers the option to change sector or business area, or to progress within these areas of expertise through training and established processes that encourage national and international internal mobility.


CSR policy

Sustainable development, skills sponsorship, social action, and more. The Group is involved in a variety of actions and initiatives that unite employees several times a year around a shared project.


A strong record in innovation

Innovation means doing things then doing them better, keeping a keen eye on trends, monitoring the market, spotting the trends in the sector, and more: driven by the Group’s DNA. 


A development program

As a young graduate, you are the talent of the future. The development program is your personalised professional pathway for professional and personal development in a variety of business areas.


Quality of life at work as a priority

91% * of employees are proud to work for Comexposium

82% * of employees have confidence in the company’s strategy

96% * of employees have a good relationship with their managers

*survey conducted at the head office in September 2015


A group with values

In all the countries where Comexposium operates throughout the world, child labor is banned, racial and sexual diversity must be respected, and equal opportunity is an obligation. A code of ethics is also distributed and applied at the head office and in all subsidiaries.


A company moving forwards fast

The Group is engaged in digital transformation, and is taking a huge stride forwards by creating its own internal Digital Factory. This incorporates all business and skill areas to pool knowledge and help all teams to both become digitised and keep up with the latest digital practices.