An extremely important human, international, and citizen dimension.


Milipol Network Events Director, Comexposium

Daily challenges in the Security Industry

After leading the brand’s marketing strategy for 10 years. Looking back, which event stands out for you?

« I would say the 2021 edition of Milipol Qatar, as the Covid pandemic was still at its height and all the borders were closed. The whole team was mobilized to ensure that all the different groups could get the visas they needed to make it to Doha. Some people had to be very patient and spend hours at different airports… but in the end, it was a success!»

What difficulties do you deal with on a daily basis?

« One of the main problems to do with the subject itself – state security. It’s something that affects everyone. In terms of image and communications, you have to be very careful because it has political implications. There’s also the international aspect, which means getting everyone to work together, despite them being far from home and having different points of reference.

The codes are not always the same, so to be successful and to move forward you need to listen to people. Then there are the regulatory aspects. We are the ones who have to make sure that regulations are adhered to — and ensure that products being displayed on the stands comply with the law. That’s not easy as different countries have different rules.»

On a more personal level, what is your relationship with the brand?

« I’m very attached to it. I’m very proud of this brand and its growth.

I also like the geopolitical and inter-cultural aspects of my work, it’s fascinating. I’ve been able to meet some incredible people, like members of RAID (the elite unit of the French police force) and the GIGN (the elite group of the French Gendarmerie). In fact, through Milipol, I’ve discovered an extremely important human, international, and citizen dimension.»