Joining Comexposium means joining a team of men and women who are experts, agile and committed to their events and communities.

Join teams that are passionate about their business and their communities

Joining Comexposium means joining a team of men and women who are experts, agile and committed to their events and communities. Each day, our teams contribute to the growth of their brands, working alongside our partners for the benefit of our exhibitors and visitors.

Comexposium, a learning-focused organisation

Are you seeking to play a proactive role in your career, and ensure that you continually progress?

At Comexposium, we are committed to offering you the opportunity to grow and develop within a stimulating environment where you can thrive.

We value your expertise and we encourage you to grow and develop. You will be put in learning situations, there is the opportunity to move to other locations or companies within the Group, and you will be given the relevant training for you.

Personalised support throughout your career

As you gain experience within the company, you will forge a career path that is unique to you, and that is based on your interests and skills. You are in charge of your career.

Together with your manager, you will identify what steps to take on your career path and how you will achieve your goals.

A bespoke onboarding programme

At Comexposium, we know that the “customer” experience is an important factor in the success of an event, so we also attach great importance to the experience of our employees when they first join the company.

Our onboarding process will be personalised to you, according to your experience and seniority. Our onboarding programme has been designed to help get you started within the Group and within your team.

Together, we build unique omnichannel experiences for our clients in a highly dynamic and stimulating market. How do we do this? By welcoming responsible, enthusiastic and daring men and women with a desire to innovate and the energy to deliver outstanding projects. To achieve this, we are committed to supporting the development of our employees with active guidance to help them evolve within a positive and impactful ecosystem. At Comexposium, our collective success depends above all on individual fulfillment and quality teamwork.

Sarah Martin

Human Ressources Director, Comexposium
That each employee within the Group gets up in the morning with the desire to join his team, because they enjoy working together and they have a passion for their job – is one of my most fervent wishes. This search for fulfilment at work is fundamental, both at an individual and at a collective level. It is my hope that this is something that guides each individual as they progress their career at Comexposium.

Renaud Hamaide

Chief Executive Officer, Comexposium

5 reasons to join our team

Be part of our DNA

When you join Comexposium, you are joining a community of dedicated employees who support each other and are passionate about what they do. You will be part of the ecosystem of a company that places customer experience and service excellence at the centre of its business.

Are you looking to establish your career within a challenging and people-focused sector, where meeting people, listening, using and developing expertise, sharing knowledge and experiences are at the heart of what we do?

Do you recognise yourself in our DNA? Can you see yourself contributing to our common goal, today and in the future?

Then it’s a perfect match!

Create the events of tomorrow

When you join Comexposium, you will play a part in transforming our current models in terms of our offering, and in transforming the customer experience.

Innovation is a key part of our business. You will have a keen eye for trends and will be able to offer solutions by thinking “outside the box”. Reinventing the visitor experience at our exhibitions, creating new content and formats to inspire and grow our online communities, proposing business solutions to support our exhibitors, are just some of the challenging projects you will contribute to.

Join an international group and leading brands

When you become part of Comexposium, you are joining a leading global event organiser with a presence in 20 countries, that brings together 48,000 exhibitors with more than 3.5 million visitors. Our Group has achieved external growth by integrating more than twenty brands as well as new subsidiaries, as it pursued a strategy of development from 2015 onwards. It was able to adapt and transform itself during the health crisis, by optimising its business functions, leveraging the strong performance of the formats it offers, maximising the potential of its leading brands, and developing its omni-channel approach.

Work collaboratively

Comexposium is a people-oriented organisation that strives to ensure close connections with management and enriching interactions between its teams.

Our project-based organisation enables you to learn about our different business areas and to collaborate with a range of experts, in an agile way.

By adopting new hybrid ways of working, you will be contributing to the company’s digital transformation.

Our favourite quote is: “On your own you can go faster, together you can go further”! (African proverb)

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Offering our communities memorable experiences that help businesses stand out is one of our key missions, and you will carry the shared responsibility of promoting our brands. To this end, you will be encouraged to put forward new ideas, be proactive and present development projects to cross-functional teams.

And the cherry on the cake is: enjoying your work! Aside from your skills and experience, you are recruited for your personality and your ability to spread your positive energy both internally and externally.

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