With the global population poised to reach 8.5 billion in 2030, the agrifood industry is exploding. Which makes the corporate purpose of the SIAL brand and its 12 worldwide events – to inspire food business – more meaningful than ever before.

SIAL NETWORK - Inspire food business worldwide

The global reference network of agri-food exhibitions

The world’s number-one network of agrifood exhibitions, SIAL Network, which celebrates its 60th birthday in 2024, operates across four continents. Coverage on such a broad scale comes with challenges.

Our job is to promote market-leading trade shows, such as SIAL Paris, the world’s top event in the sector, SIAL China (Shanghai) and SIAL Canada, along with newer events such as SIAL America and SIAL India. At the same time, we are also growing the brand on more locally-focused markets, including China, where the brand is expanding in regional capitals.

Nicolas Trentesaux

Comexposium Food Business Unit Managing Director

A truly global brand platform

A unique quality of agrifood lies in the fact that the sector is both global and reliant on specific local and cultural characteristics. Yet this also presents a huge challenge.

The task is therefore to foster diverse local shows while maintaining the singularity of
the SIAL brand, which is owned by Comexposium. “The power of SIAL Network flows from the collaborative work done with Comexposium Group’s EMEA, APAC and US subsidiaries. Every partner brings local marketing, logistics and sales expertise, while staying true to the spirit of SIAL,” says Jean-Gabriel Mollard, SIAL Network’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

The acceleration of international developments

Accelerated international expansion has boosted the network’s growth, as teams from Shanghai to Montréal and from Paris to Las Vegas have helped to enhance the brand’s reputation and consolidate SIAL Network’s lynchpin role. To support these efforts, SIAL Network’s teams have built a single customer journey around shared visual identity elements, SIAL Innovation, which provides content and news stories covering innovation and market developments, and La Cuisine, a food-focused events program.

These elements and the Group’s solutions are tailored to local needs. “In China, SIAL is targeting new markets as well as fast growing secondary regions. We offer solutions that are in synch with food consumption approaches on Asian markets,” says Anna Li, Managing Director at Comexposium-SIAL China.

Supporting the industry as it navigates the food transition


SIAL Network not only enables its many talking partners to do business, it also aims to inspire them by offering tools to better understand the market and its outlook. “Our goal is to inspire our communities, particularly by providing positive support as they tackle transition challenges.

The ‘Inspire Food Business’ mindset encapsulates our brand’s DNA and we want to live it day-to- day,” says Jean-Gabriel Mollard. With this in mind, SIAL Network is determined to assist the industry as it navigates the food transition and tackles sustainability challenges. Reflecting this, SIAL Paris has built its communications around the “Own the change” slogan since 2020.