Innovative services

Innovate through tailor-made projects, amazing creative systems, prize-giving ceremony...

Custom projects, creative systems, competitions, areas to support entrepreneurs

The design of our shows goes far beyond renting an exhibition space. Here are a few examples of our achievements:

  • Technical or technological innovation, which is at the heart of our TrusTech, E-Commerce Paris, Equipmag and Sima shows.
  • Current trends / New creative inspirations seen at the Création & Savoir-Faire show, and at the Salon des Saveurs. And current trends at the Foire de Paris.
  • Exceptional and/or rare products such as ‘Best of Gourmet’ at the Salon Gourmet (40 products selected out of 122 put forward)
  • Sneak previews or prototypes launched regularly at Paris Games Week
  • Young Talent 
Gagnants aux E-Commerce Awards 2015 - Salon E-Commerce Paris
Zoom Jeunes Talents Salon de la Photo 2015
Animation "Maker Faire" sur la Foire De Paris 2016