At the heart of the Group’s strategy is an awareness of our social and environmental responsibility, and we implement measures to ensure that all our employees and the communities we lead are engaged in these efforts.

Driven by the Group CSR Director, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, our CSR strategy permeates through the entire Group and its subsidiaries, drawing on the strength of our cross-functional teams and our expertise in events.

Within the Operations and Purchasing Division, the Security, Safety and Sustainable Development Department is committed to making our events more environmentally responsible, implementing solutions to encourage the reuse of materials, optimising energy consumption and reducing food waste.

The Human Resources Division, meanwhile, together with the Communications Department, aims to cultivate a corporate culture that is forward-looking.

All of our brands implement initiatives that contribute to the Group’s CSR strategy, each in their own way, adapting these initiatives to their sector and to their communities.

At Comexposium, we strongly believe that we are stronger together, and that diversity is a key asset.

This conviction is the foundation of our CSR strategy, which is based on 3 pillars.


Reduce the environmental impact of our events

We are implementing initiatives that aim to optimise the eco-design element of our events, contribute to the circular economy and reduce our carbon footprint, with a target of net zero emissions by 2050.

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Engage our communities with sustainable initiatives

As part of our role of engaging with communities to help them grow and develop, we raise awareness about CSR initiatives, and we leverage our ecosystem to help us find environmentally responsible solutions.

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Foster a forward-looking corporate culture

Our international coverage provides us with a wide and varied pool of talent to draw from, which we continue to develop by creating a corporate culture focused on open-mindedness, solidarity and knowledge sharing.

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Committed to sustainable development

In 2022 Comexposium signed two agreements related to sustainable event management

Committed to Green Growth (ECV), an initiative led by UNIMEV (the French union for the events industry). The purpose of the ECV is to minimise the resources we use, and to reduce potential event waste upstream, as well as to facilitate the implementation of recycling and reuse measures, such as recycling event materials.

The “Net Zero Carbon Events 2050” initiative led by the UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry). The objective of this initiative is to bring together all the stakeholders within the events sector around a single objective: reducing the global carbon footprint of the events sector and becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

CSR Spotlight

France’s Energy Efficiency Plan

In the context of the Energy Efficiency Plan launched by the French Government, Comexposium is committed to making its contribution to the events sector’s collective energy conservation efforts, alongside the other key players in the industry.

We share a common objective: to take action to ensure responsible energy consumption, by reducing the primary sources of energy consumption at events, namely heating and lighting.

Applying the recommendations of the French union for the events industry, Comexposium is therefore implementing the following emergency measures at the events it holds in France:

We also invite our exhibitors to optimise the lighting on their stand and to turn off lights and screens on their stands outside event opening hours.