Europeans and the packaging experience - Survey made by ALL4PACK & L'ObSoCo

European consumers expectations with regarding to their packaging experience

With 4 months to go before its opening, ALL4PACK Paris – the leading tradeshow for the EMEA zone in the packaging and intralogistics markets – publishes the findings of an exclusive survey into the “packaging experience” of European consumers.

This survey was conducted by L'ObSoCo in 4 countries: Germany, Spain, France & Italy.

Country-specific expectations

1st conclusion: French and Germans have a more functionnal approach to packaging. Italians and Spanish are more sensitive to how packaging looks.

2nd conclusion: 18% of the French consider packaging as something that helps them "buy the right quantity".

3rd conclusion: 75% of Spaniards and 66% of Italians consider connected packaging as "a genuine advance".

Ideal packaing for each generation

You are 18-24 age rank? Your are enthusiasts about connected packaging (71% think that it's a "genuine advance")

You are 55-70 age rank? You are more interested by the well-protection of products (37% think that packaging is above all “a guarantee of product protection”.

The survey at a glance

  • The majority of respondents approve of the development of connected and smart packaging;
  • In the area of e-commerce, two seemingly contradictory expectations emerge, with robust packaging to protect products on the one hand, and lightweight packaging to reduce the volume of waste on the other;
  • Also on the subject of e-commerce, more than half of the respondents rank the reduction in environmental footprint as the main criterion;
  • With regard to information displayed on packaging, expectations converge around the manufacturing process;
  • As regards limited edition or customised packaging, there is a strong divergence between the French and Germans on one side and the Italians and Spaniards on the other;
  • With regard to the main function of packaging, consensus appears between the four countries regarding the guarantee of protection.

Downloads all results on the website of ALL4PACK.

About the event ALL4PACK

  • The trade shows EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION become ALL4PACK Paris
  • 14 - 17 November 2016, Paris Nord Villepinte, France, Halls 5a, 6 and 7
  • 1,600 exhibitors and brands represented from the Packaging, Processing, Printing & Handling sectors, including 50% from outside France
  • Expected visitor attendance of 98,000 professionals, including 35% from abroad
  • 100 countries represented