The “Food 360” report by SIAL Paris

Food habits and popular belief?

Food habits and popular belief?

Which products make the Chinese salivate? What makes Qataris, Malaysians or Spaniards buy one food product and not another? Which is more important to American or French consumers: organic produce or online sales? Published by SIAL, the “Food 360” report gives you all the facts, and answers these questions and many more. While we wait for its release in early September, here are some extracts to whet your appetite…

Carried out for SIAL by TNS Sofres, the exclusive survey (which includes an examination of the XTC World Innovation database), provides a clear picture of the tastes and desires of consumers in 9 European countries, in North America, in the Middle East and in Asia. It also debunks certain received ideas and shows that development opportunities for food companies are as real today as they are numerous…  A mine of ideas for exporters!

The whole study will be revealed on September 6th 2016… Then presented at SIAL Innovation’s Observatory and on SIAL TVfrom October 16th to 20th.

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