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Our talents

Comexposium's success is underpinned by the diverse profiles and backgrounds of its employees who come from over 30 countries.

Working in events is a unique job.  We are diverse. We come from all different backgrounds, we have a variety of skillsets, and everyone brings their own unique viewpoint.  We all have a couple of things in common too.  We are passionate about our customers and helping them grow and develop their businesses, and we all love to have a bit of fun. Events are about enthusiasm and community, bringing people together, and they should be fun to attend as well as fun to organise.

Our industry, our communities, and each of our events is constantly disrupting and evolving , reflecting changes in culture and technology. We are looking for people who are agile, lifelong learners, have global mindsets, and a passion for collaboration. 


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HR team

Comexposium’s success? We owe it to the 890 or so employees, in all business areas, who ensure that every event and every launch is a success for exhibitors, visitors and partners.
Renaud Hamaide, President