Comexposium, one of the world’s leading event organizers and the number one player in France, which entered safeguard procedure in order to shield itself from the pandemic’s effects on its business has emerged today from the process reinforced with the support of its shareholders.

Comexposium’s safeguard exit plans, presented as scheduled on 14 September 2021, were all approved by the Nanterre Commercial Court. The various parties to the procedure praised Compexposium’s plans. The plans set out in particular the repayment terms for the group’s debt.

One year after this protective procedure reserved for sound companies experiencing one-off difficulties was commenced, Comexposium is exiting the procedure on schedule and is returning to management of its business and finances as normal.

Buoyed by the support of its shareholders and their €110M contribution, this procedure will have enabled Comexposium to get through the pandemic’s effects by allowing it to focus on preparing for the recovery and maintaining its leadership position.

During that period, Comexposium has reorganized its business by area of expertise and has boosted its capacity to innovate and anticipate changes in the market. In particular the digitalisation of the market that accelerated during the pandemic.

Compexposium today benefits from the optimal conditions for a recovery that is both progressive and rapid at the same time. The group has already confirmed 100 event dates before the end of the year.

Comexposium’s commitment to its business communities, alongside our highly motivated and resourceful teams, helped usher in an eagerly awaited return of our events in September. Our customers’ enthusiastic feedback underscores their confidence in Comexposium, the strength of its brands and the group’s ability to offer enriched experiences.